St. Jane

St. Jane Chicago is our answer to the question, "How do we give back this iconic building to Chicago?" We designed the brand and experience to be a re-emergence of the Chicago gathering space. For Modern Mavens who seek a connection with uncommon people, we are their common ground.

Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Launch, Naming, Brand Book, Identity, Hotel Collateral, Campaign Idea, OOH, Activations

Agency: phenomenon

Roles: Design & Creative Director
Client: Aparium Hotel Group 
Interiors: Simeone Deary

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We began with a concept of creating a common ground for uncommon people. A community where individuality and diversity are not only celebrated but are essential to new ideas and thinking. Where the personalities, flavors, arts and culture of Chicago could blend with the experiences of our guests to create a new hub for the best of what Chicago is all about. And when deciding on a name for our hotel, we were inspired by the spirit and works of a truly great Chicagoan, Jane Addams, who championed the values of community, new possibilities and a better life for all.

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