Paige Denim

Being a challenger brand in the denim space is very tough. Paige denim had outstanding product, with a great heritage, but lacked a unique brand image. Our assignment was to reimagine the LA denim brand top to bottom so that it could start to compete with market leaders. To do this we created an in-depth brand book that established a tone, voice and brand identity system that felt fresh for the category. We also developed an ownable hashtag #LIVEINIT which is a celebration of the experiences we all share; a reflection of life lived to the fullest in Paige denim.

Brand Book, Style Guide, Brand Imagery, Collateral, Packaging

Agency: phenomenon
Role: Associate Creative Director
Photographers: Williams + Hirakawa 

Paige ID 02
Paige Design 07
Paige ID 01b
Paige Shoot 03



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Paige Shoot 02
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Paige Design 01
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